The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be held on Monday, October 25, 2021, 6:30 pm at the Old Town Hall, Field Park Road, Haddam. 

Boating Reminder - Per CT State Law: 

The operator or owner of any vessel being used for recreational purposes must require any child twelve years of age and under who is aboard such vessel to wear a personal flotation device while the vessel is underway unless the child is below deck or in an enclosed cabin. Also, any motorized vessel (trolling motors) on the lake must be registered with the DMV and display current registration numbers and decals.  

Boat Stickers 

Per our bylaws, All vessels on Hidden Lake must display an HLA boat sticker. If you need a sticker for your boat, canoe, kayak, etc. , please click on the Contact US link at the top of this page, and we will arrange to get you the required stickers.

TAXES: 2020 Grand List tax bills were due July 1, 2021. If payment is not received/postmarked by August 2 2021, these taxes will be considered delinquent and interest will be charged at a rate of 1.5% per month from the original due date of July 1, 2021

If you have a question about a bill, or if you did not receive a bill, please contact the tax collector

The Hidden Lake Association was incorporated in 1937 by the Connecticut State Legislature as a special taxing district. The Association's mission is to provide for the maintenance and improvements of the lake, beaches, and roadways, and for the health, comfort, protection and convenience of our members. The lake, beaches, and roads of the Association are private, and are available only for residents and guests of the Association.