Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Hidden Lake Association was held on Sunday, May 19, 1:00 pm at the Town Hall Annex, 11 Jail Hill Road, Haddam. Minutes of the meeting will be published after approval at the 2020 annual meeting. At the meeting, next year's budget was approved, incumbent officers were reelected, Board member, Victoria Nicholson was elected to a 3-year term, and amendments to the bylaws were passed. Additional information about the meeting will be shared once the details are received by the webmaster.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Roll call of Officers 
2. Reading of the minutes of the last annual meeting for adoption
3. Tax Collectors Report
4. Report of the Treasurer as to the amount of disbursements and the balance on hand
5. Reports of the standing and special committees including lake, septic and land use
6. Old Business
7. New Business
         a. Autorization to allocate funds to improve Fairview Road

b. Adoption of fiscal year budget (see below)
c. Adoption of proposed bylaw amendments (requires 2/3 vote by members present to approve). 

d. Other

8. Election of officers and one Board member for 2018-2019. The following  are incumbents:
         *President- Jay Cassella
         *Vice President- Dale Fiore
         *Treasurer- Alan Stokke
         *Tax Collector- Sheri Berger
         *Recording Secretary- Lori-Ann Hoberman
         *Board member - Victoria Nicholson (term expires 2019) 
         Board Member - Carolyn Chalifoux (term expires 2020)
         Board Member - Cindy Porriello (term expires 2021)

Board Member - Lloyd Pearson (past president)

*Terms expire - up for election

9. General Discussion
10. Adjournment

2019-2020 Approved Budget

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